Motivated and Persistent


I share with you a beautiful commentary by St. Augustine of Hippo on Colossians 4:2. He reminds us of how others motivated by worldly and sometimes evil desires end up staying up and watchful. How much more, we who have the love of God in our heart, ought to persist with watchfulness in our PRAYER!


Continue in prayer, and watch in it with thanksgiving; - Colossians 4:2


When the blessed apostle was reminding us of the importance of prayer, he also reminded us at the same time about being watchful: “Be persistent in prayer,” he said, “being watchful in it.” Impure love, brothers and sisters, compels those who are possessed by it to keep awake; the shameless person watches, in order to seduce; the evildoer, in order to harm; the drunkard, to drink; the bandit, to slay; the selfindulgent, to spend; the miser, to hoard; the thief, to steal; the robber, to smash and grab. How much more, therefore, ought love to remain awake in holy and harmless people, if iniquity can extort wakefulness from the criminal and the corrupt? Sermons j.

- Augustine of Hippo

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