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“They were completely amazed and said again and again, “Everything he does is wonderful. He even makes the deaf to hear and gives speech to those who cannot speak.””

‭‭Mark‬ ‭7:37‬ ‭NLT

As we celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection for 50 days and on every Sunday of the week as well as on the 29th of every Coptic Month, we declare openly that indeed “EVERYTHING HE DOES IS WONDERFUL!” Now we have been given the illumination in our minds to understand that when there is pain, suffering, ridicule or even shame of a CROSS that we are asked to carry “momentarily”, we KNOW by FAITH and EXPERIENCE that “EVERYTHING HE DOES IS WONDERFUL!”

We trust in God and put all our burdens on Him and ask Him to open our eyes, ears and mouth and free us all from the bondage of darkness to the freedom of the NEW LIFE in HIM! Resurrection is not simply a feast we celebrate! Resurrection is a LIFE we live! It is a life of FAITH and a beam of HOPE amidst trouble, pain and suffering... a life that leads us to ALWAYS BE THANKFUL and TRUSTING that God is right here with us and He is doing (not “will do” as if He is idle now)...He is doing a great work in our life, turning suffering into glory...the cross into resurrection and transforming death into life! Let this be our song of praise from now on: “EVERYTHING HE DOES IS WONDERFUL!” Amen!

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